Totally free…..

hmm… its good to be free at last. totally jobless, with no tension of getting back to office again….it feels damn good…if only i had gotten the cheques too :P…

Anyways, the two months spent here were definitely not uneventful and i will surely remember them all my life. Infact , i am sure i was feeling a bit dull while leaving office yesterday, knowing i wouldn’t be coming back on monday, senti kinds while saying good bye to GP and all…
On the other hand i am definitely glad that I will be going home soon and then its total fun for me again…Have kinda gotten over the bad mood i was in yesterday.. a school friend is supposed to come to visit me today, am looking forward to that too, its almost 2 years since i met him… anyways, such people make me feel that i really dont need to bother about the rest who seem to be all involved in themselves.

Got up pretty late today after very long and it fely good. So did sleeping really late yesterday without a single worry…me is pretty satisfied with the way things have gone these 2 months and unless K has something better in store for me, am probably even going to miss these them.

Clarified quite a number of things to myself this sumer, lots of confusions sorted themselves out, and am definitely in a better state of mind than what i was in my last month at k. hope these things remain like this and i have a great time at k. till then, ciao…


At times I wonder whether the petty things in life are actually worth worrying about? Seriously, will anything actually be so important for me to stop enjoying the better things in life? Of long I have actually been allowings such petty things spoil my mood, my day and everything in fact.

Considering everythings actually going on fine; I am pretty much through with my summers, and they weren’t bad, I will be going home in some time, I will be going for a trip with mY family and then back to K. everythings just so fine… so why dont i just tell myself this….why the hell do i bother if so and so , has too much of an attitude…why the hell do i care if someone calls me or not… why does it matter if someone just does not understand how i feel…seriously why dont i just give things a damn and enjoy.

Sad things is i have tried to explain these things to myself even before, but it doesn’t seem to work. I need to make it work, better luck this time I guess.

Still need to take the printouts and send the final report, and what have i been doing since the morning? finally listening to my kinda music.just realsied that lucky ali is in fact an even better singer than i ever thought. He can just sing anything and what he sings doesn’t really hurt your ears.

Lunch has been pretty ok for the past few days. had dahi bada and ice cream yesterday, with unlimited chocolate sauce (loved it!!!),and gulab jamuns today..hmmm…and even aunty made pretty good dinner yesterday as thers a new entrant in our pg… guess i might as well enjoy while it lasts!!

so , as long as thers ice cream, chocolates, lucky ali and holidays…. who cares!!!!


yeah…. i am finally officially through with my summers….i mean there are afew important issues to be handled (like my stipend and printouts to take back) but thats about it!!!Gave a presentation kinda thing today and GP finally filled the feedback form:), and he is such a sweetie, love the job he has done wih it, pretty good comments and global suggestions for improvement( like ‘exposure to industry’, and all that). yeah, he does want me to give my recommendations seperately, and that would take half an hour probably… also he says i am not going till the tie ups are done, which should get done , once the courier reaches the……….its party time!!!!!

Anyways, i better keep this post a bit short, and finish the final recommendation thingie… will probably post about ‘how i feel as my summers end… sob!..'(give it a break!!)later… till then ,

Blogging again….

yup…. am blogging again. not that i had any intention of stopping, but past few days have been real work. Am finally ‘almost’ through my report. I mean, i still need to fit i the intro , the acknowledgement and all that, but the main things done ..:)… and the Hungama deals are almost finalised. Had to run around quite a bit for those today, but the fact that GP has gone to their office to sign the deals means that things have been fine.Really am looking forward to my 15 day break.

The weather in Gurgaon is damn unpredictable. Yesterday was an experience to remember. It had been raining pretty heavily right from 3 in the afternoon (which you aould know only if you actually checked your watch, considering it was almost as dark as 7 in the evening). So, finally me and king decided to make a move when there was temporary break in the rains for about half an hour. That probably was the stupidest decision we could have taken. And as soon as we reached the highway (from where we need to travel like 54 kms to reach home… and that too by a rick!), a practical storm started ( ok… i dunno whether thats the right word.. but there were heavy, reeeeeeally heavy rains and really strong howling winds) and there was no way we could move even a bit. So, we stood under a tree , with quite a few other victims of Gurgaons unpredictable weather, and got drenchedddd ( extra ds to emphasise that we were really very horribly soakeddd)… and on top that there was this horrible wind and we spent almost 10 – 15 minutes shivering there.Finally the rains seemed to relent and we searched for another rick ( surprisingly quite a few of them were available at double the rates though) and finally somehow reached home (or the pg or whatever)..

Anyways, there was powercut the entire night and an amazing storm to accompany it at around 2 in the night. Infact the huge 6 feet window in Ron n King’s appartment came off the wall.

Just have a few more days to go here, and then its back home (ya ya i know i have been going home pretty often, but this time i dont need to come back:)… and that obviously makes it special. Saw ‘Main hoon na'(finally) this weekend, and cant say liked it much. And thats a big thing considering i usually do like these Shahrukh khan – karan johar – yash chopra kinda movies ( except fr K3g). Like the songs , so those were a saving grace. Rest of it seemd to be a bit ‘crappy’ in fact. want to watch ‘yuva’ next, lets see….

Have been frequenting sidin’s blog these days, and boy…does he write well!!Some people just seem to have it in them, and seriosuly reading his blogs is an experience in itself…

Things seem to be going pretty fine till now and hope they carry on this way… Dont think have anything else to say right now…..till then

Work…as usual…

Have been working at the final report since the morning. Need to be really fast as i want to go home tomorrow. Have a company visit at 5…and cant be late for that either. But problem is , GP is finally back….and its going to be really difficult to leave early infront of him…so lets see.

The most irritating thing here is the frequency of powercuts. every morning we wake sweat and hot, and 2 hours before our usual wake up hour. its specially irriataing as we (thts me n jas) dont really sleep early . And finally end up with around 5 to 6 hours of sleep wach day, which definitely is not enough keeping in view the day’s schedule.

Its finally just one more week to go. I know its going to be tough as everything needs to be finished fast, but i guess its worth it. My reports come to about 5 pages now, and i dunno how to proceed:P.

Am looking forward to the Delhi meet on 30th. I didn’t atend my own freshers last year, so dont want to miss anything this time. Its my friends b’day on the 31st , so hopefully that would be another day of fun for me. Its funny, but this time the visits home have been so short each time that i haven’t really taken pains to call up or meet all my friends. Obviously i did talk to a few who called, but I am so exhausted every weekend that all i do is laze. Guess , i need to put that right and contact them, especially because i will have just one week at home after summers.

Its fun to be free.. and though I am the same person who cribs when thers nothing to do, right now my state of mind is different.Anyone would like to be in a situation wherein theres no responsibility, no deadlines and no repurcussions of anything you do. Infact, looking back at my school days, those were probably the most fun times i had, there was hardly anything to worry about, other than the exams, and even those were not such a big deal. i bet i wouldn’t have accepted this when i was in school, but that how i feel now. Its sad theres no goign back once you are through a particular phase.

People seem to be busy with their reports as no one blogs regularly anymore. But since i decided i would i guess i will carry on. But abhi ke liye itna hi….
till then… ciao

Feeling Good ……

Hmmmm… so things aren’t as bad as i thought…. Not that anything special or unexpected happened today, but definitely todays been really calm as compared to yesterday. No, king is still not helping me make the bong calls…but i started my report :)…..finally….and the way its going shouldn’t be very tough for me to finish it:D.Hope GP finds it acceptable though.. Plus, i finally managed an appointment with a company guy tomorrow…So, guess things are certainly looking up(ok, probably not up, but they aren’t looking down either)..

I kinda miss Hyderabad today. Spoke to a few friends from there yesterday and really feel like going myself. If only our session dint start this early , there was a definite trip considering my cousins wedding is scheduled around 20th june. But unfortunately, I am missing that too.

Gurgaon has an awful number of power cuts each day, and these last longer than the time between two consecutive powercuts… so, what i finally mean to say is…we have powercuts for more than half the day… obviously you dont come to know of that in office , but once you r back in the pg …yuck!! And yet again, ours is the only room in the entire appartment which doesn’t have the invertor connected:((…..So, either we need to sit in the drawing room or rot in the heat.

Jas and I stayed up till 1 yesterday night just chatting , about K, and the year that passed…it was good fun…and then it was my usual session on the phone ( my friends think its funny to call people up at 1, when they have office at 9 the next day).So final result: I am damn sleepy….Thankfully, typing out the findings isn’t really as boring as calling up people, so I have managed to stay awake till now.

Today , whenevr i took breaks, i sat and read all the archives of the blogs of the K junta and that was good fun….it still is…prithesh, am going through yours right now!!!

Thats it for now i guess. should get back to finishing a bit more of the report, i really want it to be ready when GP comes from his vacation in ‘Far East'(thts what the HR lady said today)…Have to get out of this place before 30th….

till then

Of useless phone calls and missing guides….

So i managed to finish Bombay too, and have just cal on hand, and people (the first 4 ) seemed to be all enthu and ready to give information. But then started the disaster, as the number of respondents has remained at 4 for the past 4 hours now!!! Its mysterious how everyone seems to have gotten the sim card as a gift from someone whose whereabouts are no longer known and hence theres no way they can be contacted. Also those who do know where their connections were from, do not understand anything but bengali….and sitting with king seems to be useless too, as he is too engrossed in ‘flashman’ to help in anyway. So, right now ,I am damn irritated. Plus, GP had to choose this evry week fr a trip abroad.

Todays beenreally bad, I was late in the morning, and now no work is getting done. I have started disliking this place even more, and just long to get back home. I am searching for maps of indian cities because i have been told to present the the strategic retail points on maps (ha!ha!ha!)…

I am not in a mood to blog anymore i guess, will probably update later..for now its..