While I am a self-proclaimed Bollywood fanatic, I never warmed up to Indian TV shows. In the days of Doordarshan (my entire school life, because our parents refused to get cable TV), the only things we watched were Duck tales and Tales Spin on Sunday, and a bit of ‘Shanti‘ in the afternoons. It was only in our summer vacations when we were visiting cousins in Hyderabad and Bangalore, did we catch glimpses of ‘The Small Wonder’ and the ‘Wonder years’ and ‘Crystal Maze’.

Then sometime in class 10, when we made a visit to Bangalore, my cousins, I realised had moved on to F.R.I.E.N.D.S. This had to be in 97/98, when the show was maybe at it’s best. I watched a couple of episodes but couldn’t obviously make head or tail of it. Also, I had to go back home to Rangoli and Chitrahaar soon anyway, so there was no point getting too attached to Ross and Rachel.

So my true introduction to American television was in 2000. The television at my aunt’s was pretty much in my control from 9 PM, owing their early dinner habits. And this was also the time when K serials had made a big entry – which meant every Indian channel, Star, Sony, Zee would be playing some version of the same Saas-bahu drama. This is when I met Star World. Now Star World would play reruns of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and Full House (with the very hot Uncle Jessie) every night. And I was hooked. I think in those three years, I only watched these shows, and maybe a little bit of Sienfeld and Everybody Loves Raymond. There was also a deep, dark phase when I actually succumbed to the K-series and watched one particular show, Kutumb, from the beginning to the end. Fortunately, this show lasted only a year and a half, unlike it’s decade long counterparts. Which meant it was back to alt+tab -ing between Star World and the music channels soon after.

Then, I went to K. Now a B-school experience is incomplete without night-outs, many of which are dedicated to binge-watching movies and shows, and some to group assignments. But torrent downloads at the time were strictly prohibited, so we had to depend on the beloved IT committee to get us the ‘stuff’ using Kazaa. This was 2003, when F.R.I.E.N.D.S. was I think starting it’s final, 10th season. And since all of my previous F.R.I.E.N.D.S. watching was heavily in bits, across whatever seasons India got, I had hit a treasure trove of television content to fill my head with.

And fill I did. I am trying hard to remember, but I think this was the only show I watched on campus, over and over again, apart from a truckload of movies. I still remember how we waited for the finale to be aired so that IT Comm would download and share it. And I also remember being all misty eyed when it ended, because an era had come to an end. So much love, that I even watched the first few episodes of the spin off Joey, which by the way, wasn’t a good idea.

When I moved in with flatmates, we all had our TV favorites. One of my flatmates loved one particular K serial so much, she would keep an alarm from 2:00 AM, to watch the rerun because we would invariably come home only after 9. But we also shared common loves. It was in this era when I started watching The OC, One Tree Hill, Desperate Housewives, and finally, my long standing love – Grey’s Anatomy. While the others I am pretty sure I have missed episodes of here and there, Grey’s was too respected to be watched as a mish-mash. And I kept it going on and on, as they kept killing off all the favorites (because they had a tiff with someone else on the sets), or sending them away to Switzerland (because their contract ended), and even devised mass contract terminations via convenient air-crashes – until finally, they killed Derek Shepherd. This is when I ended my relationship with Seattle Grace aka Grey-Sloan memorial for good.

The Dude and I also, by the way, bonded heavily over TV shows. Only, he wouldn’t watch the ones I listed above (he gave ONE episode of Grey’s a shot, ONE), so we had our own set to binge on. In fact, all that I watch is clearly demarcated as ‘With The Dude’ and ‘Without The Dude’. Yes, the latter category has dwindled alarmingly and now stands at Masterchef Australia, This is us and The Mindy Project, but the former has performed exceedingly well. But there was once a Gossip Girl phase, and a Pretty Little liars phase (this when I used to spend HOURS feeding my baby) – none of which The Dude has a clue about.

Together, we started with F.R.I.E.N.D.S reruns. In fact, watching these shows together became a ritual – mostly one for Saturday nights. We get our drinks out, snacks set – and watch till we drop – literally. While we have tried doing movies too, we realized that nothing goes better with drinks than Sitcoms, or thrillers, but mostly Sitcoms. Somewhere around 2008, we started with and then lived through the entire series of How I met your mother – loving it, liking it, being bleh about it and then hating the ending. We also started Modern Family together – which is something we haven’t tired of yet – and we seem to be growing older along with the characters. There was also Big Bang theory, that we gave up on somewhere after the season where Howard marries Bernadette.

We joined the Breaking Bad bandwagon and completed it one go – the Dude being absolutely smitten by it, while I maybe more than liked it – but did not love it. On the television, we always watched Mentalist, Castle and Bones, but as and when we had the time, not in the chronological order. We started Suits, and dropped it after season 3- and have every reason to pick it again – but most importantly because it is available on Amazon Prime. We pursued Homeland with some serious seriousness, and absolutely loved it. Then Brody died and we gave up. But we did revisit it again and plodded on for one more season – the one with the Indian kid in it – only when that ended, the reviews for the next season were so terrible that we decided to leave it. Somewhere in between, we were crazy about Sherlock – still are – only the gaps between the 3 episode seasons are too long.

In the meantime, we had found other funnies – Brooklyn nine-nine, and Fresh off the boat. Both of these keep us highly entertained, but with the advent of Amazon Prime and Netflix, they have taken a backseat to the easily available shows online. Netflix we only kept for the free one month, because despite the amazing, our middle class upbringing still makes it seem expensive. In this one month we watched Stranger Things – the show we got Netflix for. We followed this up with Narcos – another amazing series. And then we closed it with Broadchurch, our slight diversion into British television. Impressed with Stranger things and all things paranormal, we started watching Fringe – first through downloads and then on Prime. It showed great promise with it’s parallel universe angle, but eventually, the thrill died down.

And in came Reese from Person of Interest. This was yet another show we couldn’t get enough of, watching episode after episode, season after season – till we finished it – heartbroken, but satisfied. We decided it was now time for something light, so we kept trying shows on prime – Fleabag, Shameless – till we came across the old, old 30 rock. I must mention here that I have missed yet another gem while I list out our TV experience, and that is Parks and Recreation – we still haven’t finished the show – because there is a sort of safe, secure feeling that we have something to go back to. So yes, from Amy Poehler, we moved on Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin, and all the amazing characters 30 Rock had – until last week we finished the 8th season.

Life (our TV life) was in a sort of rut for a while – but we had heard about the new season of Stranger things and I was practically dying to watch it. So that’s what we did – first, registered on Netflix for another month, and then,  spent the whole of last weekend watching the 9 episodes – till happiness prevailed. And we are currently on the look out for anything new we should  definitely watch. In fact, this whole post was started because I came across this  article about Netflix’s best thriller for this year. Ofcourse, I immediately shared it with The Dude and he responded with a – Starts tonight. Yeah, we are quick like that.

And now that you have an extensive data set explaining all that I like, we like, we hate, or find bleh, I would love for you to analyse and provide any suggestions you might have. Anything you think is a must watch, or atleast worth a shot. And please it make it a bit fast, because I think what we have shortlisted will not last us more than a week or two.

Like I said, we are quick like that.


Day 3 – Idiot box

The Dude and I watch a lot of TV shows. One of our favorite things to do on Saturday nights these days is pour ourselves a drink and then sit and watch multiple episodes of the TV show we are following at the time. Our genres are pretty specific to – comedy and thrillers, and we are pretty experimental when it comes to the latter category. Sc-fi, crime, political drama, psychological thrillers, court room drama – we try it all and savor it equally.

Right now, as I type this, we are watching our latest obsession – Fringe. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a show from 2008, ended in 2013, and is pretty much a modernized version of the X-files (which I sincerely hope you have heard of) – except every unexplained phenomena here is eventually explained as a result of science and scientific experiments.

It’s a fun show, and the leads are interesting. But what I am missing right now is interesting sidekicks. I have a thing for sidekicks. The best friend, the sister, the partner at work – basically the folks forming the additional track in the main story. Some would call them fillers, but to a large extent they add much more to the realism, which is usually missing when it comes to the extra perfect protagonist.

The reason we started watching Fringe was because we recently finished the famous Netflix original – Stranger Things, and quite liked it. In terms of the look and feel it was even closer to X-files than this show is. Also, the fact that it was set in the 80s, gave it that authentic vibe. The protagonists there were kids, and I loved them. Plus, it had pretty decent side stories. We finished all 8 episodes in 2 days because it was crazy engrossing. And it dealt in concepts like the parallel universe, and genetic mutation, which is the common link it has with Fringe. And while the latter has been good so far, it is not even close to how interesting Stranger Things was.

The one other thing that I think is absolutely essential when it comes to watching thrillers however, is that one needs to pay attention. Every tiny detail, every scene matters. And you can miss out on the “Whoa!” moments on these shows if you try to multitask while watching them, which basically would render the whole thing useless.

Which will also be my excuse now to wrap up this post, and get back to the television, because God knows I will hate myself if I miss out on these guys catching that weird creature they have been looking for, for the past 35 minutes.

But before I go, what are you watching these days?

Shudh Desi Romance*

One of the pluses of having a cabin at work is that you can ensure that the air conditioner is set a temperature fit for humans and not penguins, or packaged matar. Now if you think this was a sly attempt at casually slipping in the fact that yours truly now has a designated cabin at work, you won’t be too far from truth. You will still be away, but somewhere in the vicinity. Oh, while we are at it, the cabin also has my name plate on it, so there.

Anyway, the need to ensure that I am not frozen at work has arisen from my sudden extreme sensitivity to the weather. The city, which disappointed me immensely in the first 2 weeks by being wet and slushy and pot-holey, I guess took offence at me not talking about anything but it’s wet, slushy, pot-holey situation. So it went ahead and got cleaned up. Quite well I must say. So the past few weeks have been incredible weather wise, by which I mean we get to see the sun every morning, and not hate it. Zo might have a different point of view because she hates everything bright (Sun nahi chahiye!) and has the makings of a vampire, which doesn’t work very well for me, because, come on, if you have to compare, Edward ranks way above Jacob in terms of the Ugh factor.

That diversion apart, the weather got me pretty ill last weekend, and while I did recover after sleeping through 3 whole days, while The Dude kept Zo from jumping on the bed, and the sofas, and on my face, it seems to have left behind a nasty sinusitis like situation, atleast that’s what the internet says. And currently, I am trying ways of toning the impact down by doing things other than stuffing my face with medicines. Which for me means Combiflam. It is working ok, but could be better.

Which brings me back to the whole ‘Oh-look-I-am-so-cool-I-sorted-my-Inbox’ declaration I made in my last post. This by the way, is also why I do not put any effort whatsoever in organising my life, because some people are meant to be disorganised. It is the universe’s way of maintaining a healthy balance. Where I am coming from is, last monday, when I took the day off, my only saving grace was that I could check my mails on my Blackberry (This is not a plug, I would have said this first, and then talked about the cabin if I really wanted to show off), because hello, even in vacation mode, actually specially in vacation mode, my paranoia attacks double, and I start thinking of myself as the most indispensable, wanted person in the world, without who, no billion dollar company can survive the day.

Anyway, so I sent out ‘Out of office’ mails with grand declarations of being reachable on phone and mail. Only, the day passed, and I got no mails. ‘Aw, my considerate team’, I thought. After a couple of hours, still no mails. Now the ego was hurt, they didn’t even care if I was informed about anything. Finally, I got ONE mail from some unknown person, and I was all like, ‘At least some one thinks I should be mailed’.  So I read it religiously, trail mails and all, and when I scrolled down, I see a couple of other mails, all sent today. With me marked.

How? Well. Remember the ‘rules’? Which would auto forward all mails to their folders? Yeah. So apparently, Blackberry does not show those mails. Only the ones in the Inbox. Awesome huh? So end result, we are back to no rules, no auto forwards, a messy Inbox, and empty folders which I do not have the heart to delete.

Other than that, the weekend saw us visit Singhad Fort, which I thought was beautiful. Add to it the fact that there was a mini land slide, so no cars were allowed up. Which in turn meant some additional kilometers one had to trek, baby (and stroller, and The Dude who was actually managing all of it) in tow. But the end result was magnificent. The view, the clouds, the greenery. This, I have to give to this city.

The weekend also had us finally set up out Home Theatre/ Music system after some serious research. This in turn means we now watch movies not for the movies themselves, but for the extent to which the sound effects would show through the multiple speakers. Which I am glad to report are, as expected, awesome. Also 24, Season 1 was finished, and I need a break before starting on Season 2. That being said, when are the new seasons of all those Sitcoms I watch going to start?

Now that you have a good enough idea of where we stand (or sit, the cabin, remember?), I will put a stop to this update post, and  get back to the more important things that have been begging for my attention all this while.

My sinusitis ridden nose to begin with.

* The title was added right at the end when nothing else could be thought of, and the song refuses to leave the head.

To a peaceful world

I am quite the small townie when it comes to certain things. Like I will still get excited about spotting celebrities. While you might argue that everyone would like to spot celebrities, the differentiating factor in my case would be my definition of a celebrity. Like in 2005, I was at the Mumbai Airport waiting for my connecting flight for Goa, when I decided that I just HAD to spot some celebs here, because come on, Mumbai, and Airport.. And I did. And I wouldn’t stop talking about it as well. Who you ask? Well, there was this girl who was one of the three girls who were in that music video which was a remix of ‘Tu, tu hai wahi’? In hot pink? Yeah, the one in the middle. Also, some other Aunty, who I swear I had seen in some ad. I also saw Dino Morea, but he garnered the same level of excitement as the other two.

Now that I am in Hyderabad, the only celebs I can spot have to be from Tollywood. I do not watch Telugu movies, but I do know the actors, some even by name. So when this actor Nithin, sat on the table next to us at The Westin, while we were enjoying a lavish Sunday brunch, I just had to tell The Dude. Who thought that it was the unlimited wine that was talking. Then I googled images, and showed it to him, and also told him how this was not cool because this guy had even acted in one Hindi movie, ok accepted it was an RGV film, but still. The Dude felt very ashamed of his lack of knowledge.

The same way, I also get all happy when someone I know remotely (as remote as ‘she used to hold a bank account in your Dad’s branch a few years ago when her father was posted here’) makes it big (‘ yes, now she is India’s first Miss Universe!’), it makes me happy. That, true story, by the way.

So where am I going with this? This year, one of the 23 finalists at Miss India was the daughter of some Family friends of my in-laws. Which meant, I just had to watch it. And I did, diligently. She did not make it to the top 10, but that’s when they announced the question round, and I was generally not doing anything, so I decided that there could be nothing better than hear the views of these women, who otherwise annoyed me by being so tall and so skinny.

By the end of it, the one person I had decided would not even make it to the top 5 because of her answer, ended up winning the pageant. I am yet to get over it. Just so you know, this was her question –

If there were no rules in your life for one day. What would you do?

And this, was her answer .

I’d Ride a Horse in the Busiest Streets, climb up the tallest buildings and scream the world is so beautiful.

I innocently assumed that the answer would elicit the same response from the judges, as it did from me. That of wanting to place my head under said horse’s hooves. But no, she won. So I decided to shut up. Apparently because of her answer in the next round (which I was sure she would not be in), where she said that if she died tomorrow, her only regret would be that she has not done enough for the world. This answer, since it was so original and awesome, got her the crown.

It also made me realize that ‘World Peace’ rules pageants. I believe, that every question, and any question, can be answered with ‘World Peace’, though it might need some workaround. I am going to try just that with the 10 that were asked this time.

Question 1: If you had the choice to exchange your beauty for anything. What would you exchange it for and why?

Answer. World Peace. Because eventually, with my beauty, and this crown, that’s all I hope to achieve. History as already proved that the only way one can bring about world peace, is by winning these pageants and crowns.

Question 2 : These days many Parents don’t allow Kids to watch TV or surf the Internet while growing up. How do you feel about it?

Answer. Not very good. If there was no TV, or internet, children would engage in more physical activity, and be more energetic, which might end up in fights. Fights are chaos, not peaceful. So by keeping them dazed and occupied, they actually bring about World Peace.

Question 3. : Which is more significant for you today. Sunrise or Sunset?

Answer. Sunset. Because that’s when the world goes to sleep, and when you are asleep, it’s tough to wage wars. So sunset ensures World Peace.

Question 4. : If there were no rules in your life for one day. What would you do?

Answer. : Ride a white horse wearing white, and  wave a white flag, thus propagating World Peace.

Question 5.: Being an Independent Young Woman of today. Do you think the State Government and the Colleges have the right to impose a dress code?

Answer. Of course. The dress code should be all white. Because white is the color of peace. We can have doves, or olive branches printed on them for effect. All this will encourage World Peace.

Question 6. : You have been told that you are Beautiful. What else would you like people to think about you?

Answer.  Nothing else actually. In fact they should accept that beauty is all I have. That way, they will watch these pageants with no expectation of sensible answers, and their mind will be peaceful. And peaceful minds lead to World Peace.

Question 7. You genuinely Love someone. Which are the 3 things you would never do to hurt that Person?

Answer. 1. I would not cheat him

2. I would not lie to him

3. I would not ‘not try to bring about World Peace’.

Question 8. : You have chance to make one Phone call. All lines die after that. Apart from your Mother and father whom will you call?

Answer.  I would call the last Miss India who talked about World Peace in her question round, and ask her how in the world she would answer this one with ‘World Peace’.

Question 9. : Would you choose to be Water or Fire?

Answer. Both. First I will be fire, and then I will become water and pour myself on the fire, extinguishing it. By this, I will show how violence can be ended, and spread the message of World Peace.

Question 10. : If you were Crowned Miss India tonight. What would be your Message to your fellow Contestants and the World?

Answer.  To the fellow contestants, I would say – Haha, Na, na na, Na Na

To the world, I would say, the pageant is over, you can go back to bed, while I go party. And now that I have been crowned, I do not have to talk of World Peace. Thank you!

Yay. Confetti showers. Glitter all around. Loud Music. In total pageant style, thank you for being such a wonderful audience. And also a big thanks to this person, who took note of the questions asked, because I could not find them anywhere else.

Have a nice day people. May the Miss India, Miss Universe, Miss World, all bless us with World peace.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

I read somewhere, that the maximum number of suicides occur mid-week, on Wednesdays. And since the day I read that article, somehow, every Wednesday seems to annoy me to no end. Only in my case, the inclination is more towards murder. And those who are on Facebook list know it already.  

Anyway. This post is not a rant. I am just making an attempt at being more regular I guess, being totally inspired by all the other bloggers around me. Just imagine, I stay away from my Reader for just about a week, and when I return I have as many as 7 posts from a single blogger! 7 posts in the 7 days! That is huge yes? So I am all inspired now. Only I do not have much fodder for blog, so I will eat your brains with my rambles. Beware.  

Currently, the music I have on my media player is a shuffled list of the songs from Rajneeti and  I hate love stories (I know that’s not the right spelling, but honestly, I find so difficult to type out those kind of spellings, even when they are right in this context!). I am liking the music somehow. A couple of songs from the former are particularly good. While the latter seems to have reasonably good soundtrack overall, nothing out of the world, but very listenable and hummable. Also, before I forget, I am totally disappointed with Rahman and his Raavan. So disappointed. I look at the guy as some sort of a miracle maker, and I always believed that when Rahman meets Mani Ratnam, magic happens. But Raavan is not magic. It is not even mentionable. And by the way, the same with Kites. Not impressed at all.  

On the television, I was pretty much following Indian Idol, when The Dude got all sentimental about how we decided we would watch common TV programs every evening, and how I was hogging the television now. So we are not following it anymore, except on days when people get eliminated, but that makes no sense either when you don’t know who sung what and how recently. Not sure how long this will last.  

Other than that, I am being my regular self with Grey’s Anatomy. The Season 6 finale was aired last Thursday in the US, and obviously, I caught up with it on Saturday. Oh.My.God. What an episode! I hate to say it, but this is one series, where I get emotionally involved with every character in every scene. And that is so ironic, considering I have always made fun of those who watch those K serials and discuss the happenings as if they were for real. On one hand I do that, and now I watch this episode, and get all worked up, get scared for real, and start crying when the whole *Beep* dying scene happens (that was for the benefit of those who follow the series and failed to watch the finale, so sweet of me, I know), or when *Beep* gets shot. Thing is, I know at the back of my mind, that all those who die in this probably had their contract coming to an end, or probably wanted to move on with something bigger like movies, or probably called someone on the sets something that ticked everybody off, and hence had to go anyway. But while watching, none of this strikes, and man, they are good at keeping you glued to the screen!  

I had pretty much decided to go watch Kites this weekend, because Masand gave it 3 stars, and the movie does look stylish, and so does Hrithik. But then, I realised that Masand also gave My Name is Khan 4 stars. So that, combined with the reviews I got from people, made me change my mind. I would be going for Shrek 4 instead. And for Prince of Persia, but that’s for The Dude. I am definitely watching Rajneeti when it releases, and even IHLS. I loved JTYJN, so that would explain why I have high hopes from the latter.  

I am currently reading a through and through chick-lit by Meg Cabot, called Being Nikki, which is the second of a series called Airhead. Ofcourse, it is completely senseless fun, and I am loving it. I am not sure if I already mentioned but I read two fantabulous books back-to-back, one the much talked about Palace of Illusions , which totally lived up to it is hype, and one called The space between us which was amazing too. I have this thing for women-centric books, and both were just that, and totally unputdownable.  

I realised that I was going nowhere with the post, so I decided to make it a ‘what keeps me entertained these days’ post. So if you notice, I covered music, television, movies and books. So I am pretty much done. With giving you an update about all things that help me utilise the not-at-work hours each day, and with the post in general. Recommendations are welcome by the way, in any of the categories, life’s back to routine after all.  

Happy Wednesday people. I know that’s an oxymoron, but still!

Manoranjan ka Baap!

Hello Hello Hello.  

 So vacation’s over and we’re back. If you are one of those who read my blog on Reader and not at the site, you wouldn’t have noted my Twitter updates, which by the way would have told you where I was the past whole week. And since you refuse to give me hits on my blog, or leave comments, and instead run to the comfort of Reader (where I really think I should limit what you can read like some bloggers I know )you’ll have to wait to know more. Because this is not an entry I will link to my barren Travel-log page. This is a general update. About IPL. Oh, which would make it a specific update.

So I am not a big cricket fan. For that matter, any sport fan. I like my F.R.I.E.N.D.S reruns, and Bones, and Two and a Half men, and almost everything they show on Star World and Zee Cafe to actually bother flipping to a sports channel. But I do take note when India is playing, but only for one-dayers. Because I lack patience. So, when Twenty-twenty was introduced, I was a happy person. And when IPL was introduced, I liked the concept but I was terribly confused as to who I should support. Luckily I have my favorite defined clearly now. So, till last season, I only watched when my team played and cheered for it to win. And win it did. Yay.  

But what has happened is, The Dude has changed his timings at work, and we now travel together. So this means he is back at home with me before 7. Which means he has time on hand but no stock markets. Which means that he needs the TV. Which means he will watch every match that will be on. So I am forced to watch cricket with him, and then, now that I am watching, I have to cheer for one of the two teams that are playing so that I can sulk or celebrate at the end. In order to know who I am supposed to cheer for in each match, I would have to rank the teams. But I couldn’t somehow do that. So instead, I sat and thought of the one word that came to my mind when I thought of each team. And then, I ranked these words. And guess what, that was much simpler! I know. I am weird like that.  

So here is my final list purely in the order in which the team names popped into my head.   

– Deccan Chargers is the best team because it is my team and it is from Hyderabad.

– Mumbai Indians is a cool team because it has Tendulkar in it. Oh come on, the man just hit a double century and all.

– Royal Challengers is Dravid’s team because duh, it is.

– Rajasthan Royals is the underdog team because of IPL Season 1, and first impressions do last in my case. Shilpa Shetty did not come into the picture while I was thinking of a word for them. Thankfully.

– Kolkata Knight Riders is a downright loser team because they blow their own trumpet and then lose like nobody’s business and SRK is getting on my nerves with all his advertising.

– Kings XI Punjab is an arrogant loser team because they have cool dudes like Brett Lee, and Yuvraj, and Pathan and still they manage to suck at the game.

– Chennai Superkings is a sweet team because it is such a down to earth team with such a down to earth Dhoni to lead them.

– Delhi Daredevils is a likeable team, because they can play, and I have a soft corner for Delhi for unknown reasons.

And in the DI’s amazing dictionary of words, following would be the ranking of the words  

Best > Sweet > Dravid’s > Likeable > Cool > Underdog > Arrogant loser > Downright loser

So that’s what, and now that my life’s been made simpler, I will go and pray that Rajasthan Royals win today.  

And while we are at it, who are you rooting for?

Disclaimer : The opinions above are completely personal and have not been stated with an intention to hurt anybody’s sentiments. If you don’t agree, you have every right to let me know, though a bit of politeness would be highly appreciated.

Enlightenment etc.

Before I forget, a (relatively) short note on the much appreciated learnings imbibed in the recent past!

– You can have marathons of sitcoms other than F.R.I.E.N.D.S. The mantra is – STOP COMPARING. A season and a half of ‘How I met your mother’ down in 2 weekends, definitely classifies it as impressive.

– If you find Barney Stinson’s crude humour more entertaining than the Ted- Robin romance, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re turning into a guy. If you are really worried, all you’ve got to do is go watch Grey’s anatomy. Makes you all sentimental and mushy? See, you’re back on track!

– You can get emotionally involved in a cricket match. The fact that you were frowning all through dinner yesterday, at the place which serves your favoritest dessert ever (Chocolate Bomb at Little Italy, if you haven’t tried it yet, well, God save you), just because Deccan Chargers lost to Kings XI Punjab, pretty much justifies your Dad knocking the sofa’s arm off when Kapil Dev’s wicket was taken in some random match during World Cup ’83.

– There is nothing like too much chocolate. There is nothing such as I-dislike-x-chocolate either. But there is something like I-like-x-chocolate-better-than-y-chocolate. What else explains the Diary Milk lying the refrigerator for more than a week, just because there is so much of Dark chocolate to binge upon?

– The irritating fight between the multiplex guys and the movie makers, which has ensured no new movie or music releases these days, is actually good in a way, because it makes you revisit all the songs you used to like wonsaponatime and have totally forgotten now. Awesome they are, you realise.

– While grocery shopping at your favorite super market, try and check beforehand if the card machine is working. There are actually chances that you pick stuff for like two hours, and then go to the billing counter to be told that they can only accept cash. And you won’t have that much cash ever, you being you. So just check next time.

– You will never find the perfect red shoes you have been looking for forever in any of the best shoe stores in the city. And then you will find them in, wait for this, the Bata store near your house! But ofcourse, they wont be available in your size, but that’s a different issue altogether.

– You can actually like colors other than blue. At times. Red is, for example, you realise, is a pretty nice color. Ok, definitely not better than blue, but it’s pretty damn good.

– Mondays can actually be nice (!!).Not as nice as Fridays, but nice nevertheless. Even if it is a hot summer monday afternoon in Hyderabad, you can actually be happy,  provided the airconditioning in office is working just fine, there is really strong coffee available on demand, and you’re allowed to download music. And after a long time, you’ve all the time in the world to sip this coffee, browse the net, all the while listening to the music you just downloaded.

– And ofcourse, wanting to, and actually being able to post on your blog twice within a week’s span feels good. So. Very. Good.