Yet another dose of blah

Yoo-hoo! New look for the blog! Ok fine, sad excuse for a new look. But not my fault. I spent quite some looking for the right theme for it, and I found out that for using 90% of the available themes, I need to upgrade the blog to a paid or plus account. The plus account being, you allow advertisements to be posted all over your page. Now that I believe is extremely ironical. In order to make your page pretty by choosing one out of the hajaar awesome options, you need to allow ugly advertisements all over it. Tut-tut. Very sad really. Yet another indication that I might as well move to wordpress. Anyways, all we did was flipped over from one free theme to another, actually the same one, and of course changing the color, and the clothes that DJ girl on the top right hand corner is wearing. Smart eh? 

By the way, anyone see the new Sony Ericson music phones, the shake-it-to-change-the-song-one? And did anyone else feel that it actually makes no sense it all? For one, how is shaking the instrument easier than clicking the button. Not to mention the enormous risks of dropping the phone every time you shake it. And what if you are travelling in a vehicle on Indian roads? Doesn’t that mean every time you go over a pothole, or the driver happens to be a Schumacher fan and brakes suddenly every time he realizes that the rest of the world isn’t, your song changes. Wow. Awesome feature this. Wonder what they will come up with next.

Last weekend had us visiting a Dog show in the city. And I fell in love with the canines all over again. And I am glad that my preferences are still the same as they were 3 years ago. I desperately want a pug. The ones I saw at the show were all so adorable, with their flat noses and sad eyes. And they are not too furry or big, so maintaining them shouldn’t be an issue really. The Dude was inclined towards the Rottweiler, more because sources claimed that 8 out of 10 of these snap at you for no reason. And by some weird analogy he claims snappy & unpredictable = alert and so he likes the dog, which looks menacing in general, very wolf-like. Anyhow, the practical issues of who would take care of it during the day crop up, and I am left with no choice but to give up. No Rottweiler and no pug. I am destined to stay pet-less. Hmmph.

And ya, last weekend also had us visit some kind of a get-together for Honda’s recent customers at their showroom. We went expecting some free gifts and gyan and a party, and it turned out to be a family event of sorts. So we had children running around, and painting competitions and lotsa gyan on car maintenance. Halfway through they announced that the men would continue with the gyan, while the women should go play tambola. So very sexist I think, as if women don’t need to know how to maintain the tires better. So I didn’t go, even though I still can’t drive, and The Dude was all fine, till he realized that the shiny gifts in the corner were only for the winners of the competitions. He was all miffed that I didn’t try my luck at the game; little does he know that I never win at all these luck games. I still remember at K, when we had tambola, and a last person standing round wherein the person who is the last to get any number on his card called out wins. I was among the last 2 of the 240 people playing, and still managed to lose. Because I do not win at all this.Period.

And we also wrote a CD for Honda City, called the Honda CD, The Dude’s idea, very smart I think. This has a mix of all our favorite Angrezi and Desi music, and of course all of our songs. So that’s all we listen to these days and it’s nice to be able to hum to the same tracks.

I notice that I have given up writing about a particular topic these days, it’s all so random. And nice in a way, don’t have to think at all while typing. So I will stay this way. Though I still wish I could make the page look nicer, and post pictures on it. I would post the pug’s pictures. Trust me, awesomely cute it was. Anyhow, that’s enough for now. Ciao.


It’s not so bad…

I should have noticed it. It was such a clear sign of the not so good times that were to greet me very soon. It happened when I was waiting for my cab on Monday. Yeah that too, already it was a Monday, the not so happening, extremely annoying beginning of the week. But I was already through with the day, waiting to get into the cab, reach home, eat, watch TV, the regular stuff you know. And that’s when it happened. My mobile buzzed. Had to be the cab details I thought, and looked at it. 

Instead of the regular blue and white wallpaper I had kept on for a while, staring at me was a bright combination of black, orange and red. For a moment I wondered if my display could actually look so good, and if I had changed the settings unconsciously to this ultra cool look. But no. Something was wrong. My battery charge showed as 3/4th full (which is good you might say), but, it showed 3/4th full in pink!

 My cell phone display is now in the negative. Negative as in the ‘bollywood-flashback-which-you-remember-in-your-dreams-after-suffering-a-memory-loss’ negative. Not a big deal I thought, though you might have trouble guessing which calls were missed (the small red arrow next to it is now a different colour which will take time to get used to), and yes of course, can’t use the camera for a while. Oh well, not that bad, will get it fixed.

 But no, things took a downhill course from then on. Tuesday, a not so flattering comment from not so ignorable hot-shot from the work place. Wednesday, a not so subtle reminder about certain follow-up items assigned and forgotten months ago. Wednesday again, a not so welcome general illness. And of course, the mobile now decided to change it’s negative status to a blank one, making it impossible to see who is calling, read a message, type a message, and to call someone, all you need to do it remember the number, close your eyes and dial it. See, simple!

 And then came the icing on the cake. At an extended meeting where my contribution would be close be 5 minutes of blah, I simply sat and was tapping my right foot to a random song playing in my head, when all of a sudden, the nail on my second toe from the right, decides to dig into the base of my slipper. This slipper let me tell you, is a special one. Firstly, it’s from the grand ‘Happiness sale’ at central, cost me 60% of its original price, has just the right amount of heel, and is a really nice brown and grey which I don’t have. And yeah, it’s just 3 days old.

 I looked at it from the corner of my eye, while still nodding at whatever was being discussed, and there it was. Glancing up sheepishly from under my toe, a millimeter long and jet black and very visible on the pretty brown, was a tear on my latest possession in the footwear category. And then I was sure, that this had to be the worst time in my recent life.

 Anyways, the remaining 20 minutes were spent nodding vigorously, more in agreement to the unfairness of life, and moping about how everything was now in confirmed shambles. Getting back to my desk, I could not wait to pick up the slipper and check the extent of damage done. It was not much but that was a beginning, my shoes have the tendency to go from bad to worse real fast, so it was all about when it started. I rubbed my finger on the spot twice, and lo! The piece came off, and thankfully before I could start lamenting making the tear bigger or more prone to further damage, I realized that it was after all a piece of dirt!

 The first good thing to happen in the past few days, the fact that my ‘bought on sale’ slipper is after all not damaged (yet) has out me back on the optimistic track, that things will get better. After all, what can beat such a sure shot sign!

 So, I am back at work, in a much better mood, after yesterday’s good omen. I am slightly unsure as to whether it might have something to do with the day being a Friday, you know, the best day of the week? And also that, what seems to follow is an extremely lazy weekend, with loads of movies, and eating out and other good stuff? But then who cares. All’s fine now, I am sure things will improve, and yeah, there is no tear on the slipper J

Cell Phone woes!

September 2003 

Me: I need a cell phone.

Mom: Why??

Me: Well because I hate running out of my room thinking you guys might be calling, while it actually is some one from another hostel giving wake up calls to my neighbors.
Mom: Ok, anyways how much is it going to cost?

Me: We’ll take that basic nokia model, 3315, comes for 4k I think, and is supposed to be awesome; everyone seems to be carrying that.


So, hundreds of rupees worth recharge cards, 2 new keypads, 1 new phone cover, 3 sim-cards and 2000 hours of usage later;

November 2005 

Me: I need a new cell phone.

Roomie: Why??

Me: Cos mine sucks?? Have you seen it, its numbers are all gone, and it chooses to be on silent or vibrate or ringing mode as per its whims and fancies, and the number 7 doesn’t work, and so I cant message anything with a p, q, r or s in it. That’s tough you know? And also, it’s a 3315. Who the hell carries that these days??

Roomie: Hmmm, so what model will you buy?

Me: Something that looks good has a camera, and hopefully a music player. Nokia models are bulky, and more expensive, and my budget is 10k.


So, a Moto Razr V3, and a debit of 14.5k to the bank balance later;

January 2007

Me: I really need a new cell phone.

The Dude: Why??

Me: Well, how do I start? I am tired of having to connect the charger even before I start talking everyday, I hate the low-battery noise it makes within half hour of talking on it, I hate the fact that it chooses its own battery life, and decides to conk off anytime it feels like, and not start again for as long as it feels like, I hate that I can’t load any sound files on it, that it has a 5 mb non-expandable memory, and that it has a VGA camera which keeps stating picture capture failed for no apparent reason.

The Dude: Why didn’t you busy something with better features if you really needed it so bad?

Me: Well, because I thought it looked good, and that I would be buying an I pod and a Digi cam anyways. But now, I don’t have an I pod, I don’t have a camera, and I don’t have a phone that works.

The Dude: Ok, so what model?

Me: Nokia something, won’t take chances anymore, my 3315 was so awesome! And it’s still in working condition by the way!

So, I have a new phone, a Nokia 5300 Xpress music, and I love itJ! FM Radio, music player, 1.3 mega-pixel camera, 256 mb memory card expandable up to 2 GB etc-etc. But most importantly, it’s a Nokia J after all! So all I hope for now is that the battery supports my conversations, it has the strength to bear sudden falls on the hard floor once in a while, and that it lasts long enough to average out my huge loss from last year. Yay!

Ended a whirlwind month at Hyderabad this 23rd. And have to accept that this was one exciting month. A proper experience of what working is all about, a chance to do a million different things. If I sit and count all that happened over the month, it would probably take ages. Anyways, some of the best things that happened during the month would be
· Got an awesome apartment, which now has a TV and a Fridge too (ya, bought it finally)
· The kitchen’s been set up. That means home cooked food. Tried my hand at cooking yesterday and didn’t end up too badly.
· Learnt Stained glass painting. Attended a workshop at work for it, and end result is two ‘not so bad’, ‘done without any help’ paintings.
· Participated full time in the inter-department creative week, being coordinator for the Antakshari and participant in the Grand Finale. End result: Commercial Finance; second in the Grand Finale and overall third among 10 departments (ours being the smallest team for that matter, we are a measly 125 people as against 1500 in the IT services and 750 in software departments which stood first and second respectively)

As for what else is happening in life, I like the work and my team :)(Touchwood! Touchwood! Touchwood!). Finally caught hold of something to read after a long long time (‘The Hungry Tide’ by Amitav Ghosh), my second book by an Indian author after R.K.Narayan’s ‘Bachelor of Arts’. Have a definite time by when I have to leave for work at around 10(though I have never ever gotten to log off at the scheduled 8 P.M.).

So inspite of the irritating guesthouse experience, the salary mix up, the missing reimbursements, the conking off my precious Nokia 3315 (which I lost and got back with great difficulty, and now its 1, 0, 7, and 5 don’t work :(), and a too-huge-for-my-pocket mobile bill, and veg puffs for breakfast, veg puffs for lunch and veg puffs for dinner for a whole month, I feel much more relaxed today. And I guess that is all that matters :D.

Am, back , this time without the sneezes…. colds are really a nuisance, and I strangely, sleep perfectly fine, but end up waking up with a cold every morning?!!?! Its damn irritating… (ok, lemme not go on about colds, its boring)
So , through with yet another presentation, Branding this time.. and thankfully, it went off pretty well… with DC talking really comfortably about ‘his Asian Paints’… Am through with 90 percent of the strat report too, and even met Rameshan…. So now its the ASP and Strat presentations that remain… not bad huh?

Watched 2 movies in the past 2 days, both Hindi, after really long:)….One was the much talked about ‘kyun, ho gaya na?’ and the other was the much criticised (atleast by all my friends, even my sister!!! thats surprising cos there are very few movies she dislikes:P) ‘Fida’. And I really have my own views about both movies. KHGN was a let down to quite an extent, though Vivek Oberoi was damn cute (as usual) and Ash looked really gorgeous(as usual again!!)… but apart from that, the movie was nothing special, was at times too sweet in fact.. so sweet that I , who usually is crazy about mush in movies, was relieved when the Amitabh Bachchan aspect was brought in!! All in all, total timepass, but just a one time watch (that too with a few fast-forwards)…

Fida, on the other hand, I found was quite an enjoyable experience (ok,ok…quit the sniggers…its ok)…I actually liked the movie, and contrary to what my friends think , Shahid Kapoor is NOT my favorite actor… ya , to be honest, he is kinda cute (i dont want any comments about that either!!!)… Ok, what made me like the movie was not really the start cast (which infact was awesome, it has Fardeen Khan too!!:)..), but the way the movie was handled.. Nice concept, nothing new, but fun… and good performance (even by the usual deadpan Fardeen), and interesting climax…. and before i start going the Nitai way (he btw writes awesome reviews…with much patience)…. the bottom line is I had fun watching the masala and time pass!!!

Am reading ‘Life of Pi’…good book, but I didn’t like the gruesome explanation about the zebra’s death:(….it makes me feel a bit sick…Btw, i remeber i once wrote I like only happy endings, and Fida, is a contradiction to that, but fact is, its also a happy ending according to my judgement, i just need all people to get whats they deserve,especially the negative characters :x…….

Writing case notes has become a drag these days, but I continue to write them, considering I am a regular victim in Dr. Panda’s class… and have even started reading chapters, and actually knew what to write in the past two quizzes(hehe).

The Paki delegatin came and went, and cant say it made much of a difference to me… I did talk to 2 of the girls… but thats about it… dint even attend the Kathakali performance (thnks to MBFS)…anyways

Btw, halfway thru this blog, I realised that my x key has started working again… seems to be as confused as I am usually… I broke my record and finished my 600 Rs. worth Escotel cash card in 3 days straight:(….. and that too for nothing in specific , general chat with mom… who calls me up everyday anyways!! I am horrible and dont deserve a cell phone, I have realised I am one of those people who need to look into all schemes for heavy phone users, before getting a connection again, and I should go postpaid, because I feel so lost now:(… with 2 Rs. balance in my cell!!!

Am having too many classes these days (quite contrary to what I thought), and I am not liking it one bit. But still I manage to watch too movies, and even re-rewatch a few episodes of friends (I love F.R.I.E.N.D.S.!)… now thats me…

Anyways, if I dont quit this now and get back to either sleeping or CB, I am done for… the first option is so very better, but I dont seem to have any right to go in for what I think is better anymore (thanx to Mr.Panda ..grrrr)…so till then, Ciao