I like

·        The journey from office to home each night, especially if its after 11, because the roads are not crowded, the weather is awesome, and I know that I have the quite some time before I get back to work.


·        Eating Maggi for dinner after a really tiring day, cos it means I don’t need to spend more than 5 minutes in the kitchen,


·        Watching the Fame Gurukool finalists video ‘aasman ke par’ over and over again, cos I think its an awesome song and also because its shot on a beach.


·        Preparing lunch on Saturdays, when I can take my own time to cook and then actually eat.


·        Being able to stay up till 2 every night watching anything being shown on TV, as I report to office only at 11.


·        The color blue. Am almost obsessed with it these days, and everything I purchase, ends up being blue, from the Refrigerator, to the dinner set, to my curtains, sheets, pillows, to the small plastic boxes for storing masalas and all.


·        The last day of each month, when I am rich again, even if it is for a few days.


·        The title song from Roja. It sounds equally good in all the languages, even in telugu which is what is being played right now and which I can’t understand.


·        Days like this when I have the time and patience to write such arbit stuff, and feel really good about it too.



6 thoughts on “I like

  1. Hmmm… The journey from Office to Home is always good! It symbolises a few hours respite! But I wouldn’t like your 11-11 timetable. I reach at 7.30 every morning and usually finish “the day’s share of work” off by 6.
    As for maggi, we dont have anything to cook on at home. We get tiffins delivered. It’s getting pretty icky nowadays, what with the sabzi always having a litre of water accompanying it!
    Your rich on the last day of the month? Damn! I always have to wait for the first day of the next month :(. One whole month after you :,(.

  2. Anonymous

    You never wrote something which made more sense to me….
    Kaadhal Rojave is THE SONG for me….and not only do i love it for the way its picturised in the movie, u shud see/listen to SPB sing it in live shows where he seamlessly shifts from Thamizh to Telegu and Hindi…waaah waaah…
    Btw, U do like a lot of nice things…If i were god, there would be jes one color 🙂
    Hmmm…believe it or not, today was the day when i wanted to give u real gaalis for becoming such a sloth…no mails, no fone calls, no posts…bach gayi brat !!
    – J

  3. Hmmm….my timings are more like 11 to 9, just that I happen to stay back longer at times, and the drive home is kinda nicer then. Also, me experienced the tiffin thingie during summers! I really prefer cooking a bit of rice, and having it with curd instead!

  4. Re: You never wrote something which made more sense to me….
    Well well ! Look who’s here!! And look who’s talking! How about you starting blogging again? Or mailing for that matter??
    And about me liking a lot of nice things , its kinda obvious I guess :P, How can something I like , not be nice 😛 :P…

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