Well, whats new? Lets start….

Watched Swades, and definitely
didn’t like it. Decent storyline, which begins well, and then becomes a
major drag immediately after the intermission. Unfortunately, two of
the best songs in the movie (which happen to be its sole saving
graces), are also before the break, making the second half even more
unbearable. Shahrukh was good, and Gayatri Joshi very ok (if only she
could get rid of  that permanent ‘pissed-off’ ‘ expression ). All
in all, pretty disappointing movie after Lagaan, inspite of what
reviews say about it ‘awakening ones responsibility towards the
country’ n all.

Had classes, finally, and around 9 hours of them, since the term started. Computational Finance and Mergers and Aquisitions , thankfully interesting subjects till now. Well then, the fin courses have always been better than the rest.

Gave the JPM test, no comments
about that. What with 50% of the paper being based on Financial
Derivatives, the whole thing was a mess. Dont think cancelling the
Bangalore trip for it was worthwhile.

The songs of Musafir and Kisna are
my current favorites.Well not all of them, but the ‘instrumental theme’
from Kisna, and ‘Rabba’ and ‘Saaki’ from Musafir definitely rock!

Christmas preparations are on!
We decorated the christmas tree in the mess, and it does look grand!!
Tomorrow evening is the party… and I still haven’t purchased my gift
😦 (yeah, we doing that secret angel thingie!)..thankfully , I do know
what I want to gift, just hope I get it.

Badly need to go out somewhere. Hope we do come up with some plan soon.
There are loadsa hols in the coming weeks, and I have to utilise them
properly. Plans for going home stand cancelled, cause it seems
impossible to come up with any implementable ideas by the 1st. Am
planning to bunk my first class of the term tomorrow, hope to keep up
the trend…..


5 thoughts on “Updates??

  1. Anonymous

    One post in 9 days for someone who is vela is a tad disappointing brat 😦
    First things first…At UR age, all we can expect is Archies, pani puri and chocolate…So its ok…When u become older and wiser, maybe you will watch Swades again and be moved by it :-p :-p And helloooo, GJ rocks.. GJ rocks.. GJ rocks πŸ˜‰
    Btw, some unsolicited gyaan..You will get so many holidays after you graduate and before you join that you will get bored stiff..So use the vacations that are coming now to read up a little.. A little atleast considering these prospective employers of yours are gonna pay you so much…Isn’t that the least they deserve ? πŸ˜‰
    – J
    ps: Kisna disappointed me big time except for Hum hain is pal
    pps: Merry Christmas πŸ™‚

  2. Yeah, no one can be as regular as you when it comes to posting blogs..
    At your age “sigh”,… i understand swades would be more meaningful, but then I have to wait for a looooooong time…. but I am sure GJ would still be as bad!!
    Ya, am staying back these hols, but going to b lore next weekend (yaaaaaaaayyyy!!!)…
    I liked another couple of songs from kisna..
    Belated Merry Christmas to you too!!!!

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